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Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at age 79

The Legendary Elizabeth Taylor has died today of Congestive Heart Failure at the age of 79. She was a true inspiration to myself and many other woman around the world. She was so beautiful and so loving. She will forever be missed. R.I.P.

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Remembering 9/11

Never forgotten, Always in our hearts.

Designer Spotlight: Andrea Crews for smartEcolette

Andrea Crews was commissioned by Colette to create a collection or necklaces/mirror accessories for Smart Car made or recycled materials. Available now at Colette.

More styles below…


XOXO to Highsnobette.com

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I Heart Shoes: TERRA PLANA

by terra plana @ Boho Magazine

Why it’s eco-friendly:

The Maple ankle boot is made from recycled quilts. Terra Plana has been using the Saami quilts in their footwear production since autumn 2005. The Saami are seminomadic people, living in the desert of Sindh, Pakistan. They make their quilts from vibrant & unique cotton scraps and patches, which gives them a unique distinction. The Saami believe that the colors and patterns are what gives the quilt life. Terra Plana also uses recycled rubber soles as well as organic hemp canvas & vegetable tanned leathers in all products. $250.

About Terra Plana…

Inspired by ecological survival, TERRA PLANA believes in a variety of non-generic products supporting ideas of sustainability: lightness, anatomic design, disassembly and durability.
We at TERRA PLANA regularly re-evaluate what we can do to minimize waste and toxin use and maximize product use and love.

TERRA PLANA tries hard to use a variety of eco-friendly materials and innovative minimal glue constructions. Shoes that are good for you, shoes made from recycled materials, the minimum shoe. The totally sustainable shoe is still a long way off but with each collection we get that little bit closer.

TERRA PLANA are bold and inquisitive pioneers in sustainable shoe concepts. TERRA PLANA means ‘Flat Land’ and is also the name given to the architecture of the Masias in Northern Spain (homesteads made in clusters of buildings) celebrating a harmony of inside and outside living.

21st CENTURY ARTISANThink on your feet Shoes that respect traditional shoe making – using stitched constructions to minimize glues, and modern techonology to create greater levels of lightness, flexibility and durability.

VIVOBAREFOOTAre you feeling it?
VivoBarefoot Technology stengthens the muscles in your feet, realigns your posture and stimulates sensory perception. They give you all the protection of normal shoes and health benefits of going barefoot. Shop for Vivobarefoot

DOPIENaked shoes for naked people
The TERRA PLANA Dopie is the result of a search for a sandal in a simpler and pure form: a single shape sole to protect the foot that folds up between the toes to provide control. And it looks unique too! Shop for Dopie

There are recycled elements in every TERRA PLANA shoe whether it be the sole, upper or the trim. Recycled PET bottles for mesh, recycled rice husks for soling materials, recycled leather and recycled foam for footbeds.

TERRA PLANA are proud winners of an Observer Ethical Fashion Award in 2007 and picked up an award from Drapers for Ethical Footwear Retailer of the Year in 2008.

TERRA PLANA has stores in London, New York, Vienna and Ljubljiana, and distribution in over 30 countries worldwide.

Tread gently…

Think On Your Feet.

Check out the photos below….


Check out www.terraplana.com for more information.

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Pamper Yourself: Oh So Fabulous Bathrooms


“My favorite bathroom is the first photo. One of my favorite luxuries in life is to sink into a deep hot soothing bath filled with rose or lavender oils and lots of bubbles. This is definitely a luxury most people can afford no matter how big or small their wet room is. You don’t even need a large jacuzzi size tub. I’ve bathed in almost bucket size tubs with my legs dangling out the sides and had a ripe ole time, LMAO!! With a few personal accents and some of your favorite fragrances you can create such an amazing haven from all the stresses of the world. One important thing is to make sure the kids are being looked after and you lock the door and even put a do not disturb sign on the handle LMAO!!

Bath time and bubbles is ME time ;)”

** I’ve included images from most decor styles so you can find some kind of inspiration in creating your beautiful bathroom.**

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Interior Decoration: D.I.Y. Table Decoration Ideas


Ideas for table decorations :

Do you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary, St. Valentine’s Day or birthday? Maybe you need some refreshment in your relashionship? Dress up your table for the dinner with cute, easy to made and elegant pieces. There are several tips that will make your table change into the lover’s quiet corner. Your partner will surely appreciate all the effort put into the decoration.

candles with seasonal decoration

1. Use colorful tablecloths and add napkins in a contrasting color.

2. Fill the bowl with water and put some candles into it. You can also add little flowers or flower petals that match the colors of your dining room.

why not coffee with roses

3. Light a candle, they will create homey and romantic atmosphere. With a little bit of creativity you can make the whole decoration based on candles. It s good to add some seasonal decorations such as cones, painted eggs (for Easter), apples or oranges, rowan-berries or even christmas baubles. Nicely arranged around the candles can look really well. The simplest decoration made from huge candles and round stones is a wonderful choice for classy interiors

4. Put flowers to your vase and notice the difference in atmosphere in your home. Slow down for a moment, add a flavor to your life. This will make your relashionship flourish.

Source: Tit Bit

“I’m so loving this idea. I’m definitely going to try it out.” Tell me will you try this idea at home?”

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