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Pamper Yourself: Oh So Fabulous Bathrooms


“My favorite bathroom is the first photo. One of my favorite luxuries in life is to sink into a deep hot soothing bath filled with rose or lavender oils and lots of bubbles. This is definitely a luxury most people can afford no matter how big or small their wet room is. You don’t even need a large jacuzzi size tub. I’ve bathed in almost bucket size tubs with my legs dangling out the sides and had a ripe ole time, LMAO!! With a few personal accents and some of your favorite fragrances you can create such an amazing haven from all the stresses of the world. One important thing is to make sure the kids are being looked after and you lock the door and even put a do not disturb sign on the handle LMAO!!

Bath time and bubbles is ME time ;)”

** I’ve included images from most decor styles so you can find some kind of inspiration in creating your beautiful bathroom.**

“Green & Fabulous!!”