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Interior Decoration: D.I.Y. Table Decoration Ideas

Ideas for table decorations :

Do you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary, St. Valentine’s Day or birthday? Maybe you need some refreshment in your relashionship? Dress up your table for the dinner with cute, easy to made and elegant pieces. There are several tips that will make your table change into the lover’s quiet corner. Your partner will surely appreciate all the effort put into the decoration.

candles with seasonal decoration

1. Use colorful tablecloths and add napkins in a contrasting color.

2. Fill the bowl with water and put some candles into it. You can also add little flowers or flower petals that match the colors of your dining room.

why not coffee with roses

3. Light a candle, they will create homey and romantic atmosphere. With a little bit of creativity you can make the whole decoration based on candles. It s good to add some seasonal decorations such as cones, painted eggs (for Easter), apples or oranges, rowan-berries or even christmas baubles. Nicely arranged around the candles can look really well. The simplest decoration made from huge candles and round stones is a wonderful choice for classy interiors

4. Put flowers to your vase and notice the difference in atmosphere in your home. Slow down for a moment, add a flavor to your life. This will make your relashionship flourish.

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